enough is enough

LIBI seeks to create and to maintain a safe environment in which all members of the college community – students, faculty and staff – can learn and work free from the fear of sexual assault and other forms of violence.

The following sections explain how LIBI handles student complaints involving sexual misconduct, harassment, and claims of discrimination based on sex. The applicable federal and state laws governing LIBI’s policies are also explained in the sections below.

Please read this very carefully and ask your academic advisor to clarify any of the sections you may have questions about. We want to make sure you understand your rights as a student, LIBI’s policies, and other issues related to sexual harassment, gender harassment and sexual violence.

All incoming LIBI students are required to attend awareness workshops and seminars on sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking prevention provided by the college. LIBI asks that all students take this requirement seriously because knowledge and awareness are the best sources of prevention and empowerment.

  • Enough is Enough - Sexual Assault Special Section
  • Enough is Enough - Faculty & Staff Training
  • Student Bill of Right
  • 2017 Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Climate Survey
  • Code of Conduct
  • Policy & Procedure for Transcript Notation
  • Freshmen Students Onboarding Training - Curriculum
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