Court reporters are responsible for accurately recording spoken testimony during dramatic courtroom proceedings, pretrial depositions, as well as for federal agencies and commissions, and state and local governments. Court reporting is an evolving field where the opportunities are boundless. Court Reporters are the “Guardian of the Record, “and they will continue to capture, protect, and preserve the court’s record for all time.

Beyond the world of the judicial system, court reporting skills and technology are also called upon to provide captioning for live TV, which serves the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing. Communication Access Realtime Translation, CART, provides services to the deaf and hard-of- hearing community in an educational environment. The U.S. Department of Labor projects the demand for court reporters to increase by 14 percent through 2023.

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Our Court Reporting Program is designed to provide instruction, technology, and skill building training essential to becoming employed in the field of court reporting. The National Court Reporters Association approves our program.

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