Welcome to the Career Portal of Long Island Business Institute. Thank you for your interest in LIBI.

This is a very exciting time in our institution’s history, and we would be happy to review the resumes of qualified individuals who wish to “make a difference” in the lives of others. We are a vibrant, growing community of individuals committed to a single goal: the success of our students.  The faculty and staff of LIBI work together closely to create a uniquely empowering and supportive learning environment for all individuals who arrive at our campuses with the goal of transforming their lives.

LIBI’s academic programs are designed to respond to the demands of the ever-changing job-market place and aim to prepare our graduates to compete and succeed within it. Our programs focus on producing graduates with strong technical and critical thinking skills and lay the foundation for life-long learning.

We seek candidates who are excited by our mission, wish to embrace our vision, and want to work in a dynamic institution that works incredibly hard to make all of our students’ dreams become a reality.

Requirements & Hiring Process for Faculty

The responsibility for the recruitment and screening of all applicants for teaching positions rests with the Provost and the appropriate academic supervisors. At the Commack campus it rests with the Assistant Campus Director.

The Provost is responsible for verification and approval of faculty credentials for all applicants for LIBI teaching positions.

To be eligible for appointment as a member of the faculty, an applicant must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Faculty members teaching within the major content areas (non-general education courses) must provide evidence of competency through proof of formal education appropriate to the courses they are teaching at LIBI. This entails submission to the Provost of official (non-student issued) copies of the undergraduate and graduate degree transcripts. In some cases, the Provost may accept college degree equivalents that demonstrate competency in the subject matter. These equivalents include appropriate licensure or certification in the area of instruction.
  • LIBI’s mission as a career college is to prepare the graduates to enter jobs in the fields in which they have studied. For this reason, LIBI also recruits faculty members with practical experience (other than teaching) in the appropriate specializations. The Provost determines eligibility to teach specialized courses by reviewing faculty full-time employment in the career area or in a related field.
  • Faculty members selected to teach in the general studies curriculum must possess a master’s degree in the subject area.


Adjuncts, or part-time faculty members, are hired on a term-by-term, part-time basis to fill specific teaching needs. Both evaluation and consideration for advancement are managed by the Provost (Flushing and NYC) and the Assistant Campus Director (Commack). An adjunct appointment, irrespective of cumulative length of service, does not imply a full-time faculty track or an ongoing relationship with the college beyond the period stipulated in the official offer letter. The re-appointment process for adjunct faculty reflects LIBI’s overarching commitment to enhancing teaching excellence and to ensuring that students receive the best available academic classroom experience. The Provost is responsible for retaining the best faculty in all disciplines taught at LIBI; to that end, then Provost reappoints adjunct faculty based on the contributions to enhanced teaching and learning.

To apply, please complete an employment application:

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