Why is LIBI the right college for you?


LIBI offers career-focused students three convenient locations: Queens, Commack, and Downtown Manhattan. Our campuses are located near major business, cultural, and transportation centers. Classes and programs are offered at convenient times across the day and evening to accommodate working students.


Our jobs-oriented learning environment supports the immediate efforts of our students and lays the foundation for life-long learning. Students receive training that is experientially based and focused on the real world, as well as industry-related training that will meet the needs of employers. Graduates will be ready and motivated to become assets to employers.

Our mission is to provide a culturally diverse student body with current and relevant career and technical training that leads to new employment opportunities. 


The vision for LIBI is to be the pathway that connects our graduates to their professional goals—and lays the foundation for life-long learning. We have articulation agreements with many colleges and universities,  enabling our students to continue their education beyond the Associates Degree level. 


The bottom line for any career college is reflected in return on student’s investment LIBI aims to offer a high quality education at a low cost.

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