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LIBI offers career training in a wide range of fields, such as accounting, business, and hospitality

Get The Skills to Become A Confident Professional

Starting a career and becoming a professional doesn’t happen overnight. But it also doesn’t need to take years and years of schooling (and steep fees) to get there either.

LIBI’s programs chart a safe passage through the dangerous waters of higher education by offering you programs that are geared directly towards specific careers. Whichever career path you choose, you’ll get the training you need to quickly and confidently begin moving towards the stable and fulfilling career that you’ve always wanted.

Our Programs

  • Hospitality Management

    With LIBI's Associate's Degree in Hospitality Management, you'll get the crucial skills to break into the hospitality industry. You'll learn how to effectively manage hotels, restaurants, casinos, and resorts, while also mastering the art of maximizing customer service and revenue.

  • Homeland Security and Security Management

    Homeland Security Professionals play a vital role in securing the country and preserving the freedoms of millions of Americans. If you're passionate about protecting your country and its citizens, then LIBI's program in Homeland Security & Security Management may the perfect opportunity for you.

  • Court Reporting

    Court Reporters are responsible for transcribing spoken or recorded speech into written form that will then serve as the official record for court hearings, depositions, and official proceedings. Discover if a career in Court Reporting is the right fit for you.

  • Business Management

    The Business Management program covers a broad array of management-related studies including human resources, marketing, finance, small business management, and organizational behavior. As a graduate, you’ll be prepared for a wide-range of entry-level business management positions.

  • Accounting

    Want to break into an accounting career but aren’t sure what the first steps are? LIBI’s Associate's Degree in Accounting gives you training on the latest accounting software and practices that will leave you feeling confident about pursuing your career as an Accountant.

  • Office Technology and Medical Office

    Our Associate's Degree in Office Technology & Medical Office is unique because it allows you to specialize in a Medical Office or Office Technology career track. Both specializations give you the core skills to pursue an Office Professional career while also giving you a more focused skill-set that employers look for when hiring.

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