Student Services at LIBI

Student Services
LIBI’s Student Services Department gives you the resources to find success with your higher education goals

Get Motivated to Achieve Your Career Goals

LIBI’s Student Services department wants to help you feel as confident as possible about pursuing your future career. From helping you set academic and career goals to providing you with information about educational opportunities, Student Services at LIBI provides you with a robust set of resources to help you succeed.

Goals of the Student Success Center

  • Provide information about educational opportunities, requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Advise students on the selection of appropriate courses in order to fulfill their degree requirements
  • Help students set academic and career goals
  • Communicate regularly with students to evaluate, monitor and assess their academic progress
  • Motivate and inspire students to share in the advising process
  • Promote student growth and development
  • Encourage students to utilize college resources that aid in their academic and personal potential
  • Advocate for equal access, accommodations and respect for students with disabilities

Transferring LIBI Credits

To find out where you can continue your studies after LIBI, click here.

Mission Statement of the Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is dedicated to providing the students of Long Island Business Institute with the tools necessary to help them navigate their educational and professional goals. Student Success Advisors provide students with individual, one-on-one counseling in a comfortable and engaging learning environment. In this supportive atmosphere, students learn to make responsible choices beginning with orientation, through to graduation and beyond.

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