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International Students
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Welcome to LIBI! We are a New York State Board of Education approved and nationally accredited two-year college specializing in business programs. LIBI is approved and authorized by Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to enroll F non-immigrant students. This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

Step 1

In order to enroll at LIBI as an I-20 student, all applicants must first ensure that: Applicant has met our school’s requirements for admission. Applicant has completed an official application for admissions. Applicant has met English Proficiency Requirements defined by LIBI. Applicant has submitted a sufficient portfolio of financial documentation.

Step 2

Once the applicant has been accepted by LIBI as a student, LIBI will certify the I-20 form created in SEVIS. This I-20 form is proof that the student has been accepted into a full course of study at an approved institution in the United States.

Step 3

The student should proceed to this step only once LIBI has officially issued the I-20 documentation to the student. Once issued the I-20, the student needs to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee ($200) and obtain a receipt.

Go to: to complete the Form I-901 online and to pay the SEVIS I-901 fee. You must be able to print the Form I-901 payment coupon or payment receipt when you complete the form online. Ensure a printer is connected and working before continuing. You cannot return to the page and print the coupon or payment receipt at a later time.

Step 4

Students must apply for an F- Visa at their local US Embassy or Consulates office to gain entry to the US with the intention of attending the school on their I-20. F- is a travel stamp that allows a holder to apply at a port of entry for admission to the United States.

Step 5

Students must make an appointment before going to the US Embassy. Students must bring copies of everything they have obtained to this point (including Financial Documents, I-20, Passport, Acceptance Letter, and TOEFL Scores, if the student took the test).

Step 6

If approved by the US Embassy, the student will be issued the F-1Visa. Students can enter the United States up to 30 days prior to the start of their program (start of program” not “start of classes”). Student will present their passport at port of entry with F- Visa stamp and I-20. I-20 will be stamped with the current date. I-94 card is issued with D/S notation (duration of status) at this time.

International Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer to LIBI from another accredited and SEVP approved US institution will be subject to the same requirements of I-20 issuance as any other student plus be an eligible class for change of immigration status. International students who possess a High School Diploma from a foreign country but require a United States High School Diploma or Equivalency (GED) to qualify for civil service or government positions may take two courses in addition to their program requirements to satisfy the requirements for the General Equivalency Diploma as outlined in the Ability to Benefit provision. Upon completion of program requirements and the extra coursework, the student will be qualified to receive both a college degree and a GED. The additional courses may not be offered every semester and are driven by the ATB student population, are based on availability; and may not be covered by financial aid. International students interested in this option should discuss this with their academic advisor early in their coursework.

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