The Office of the President oversees the safety and security compliance efforts. The Facility Departments, Fire Safety Officers, and Fire Wardens at each location are responsible for the micromanagement of activities related to safety and security. Each location possesses a Fire Safety brigade, which is responsible for conducting fire and lockdown drills, evacuations, and community training.

In compliance with the HEA Sec. 485 (f); 34 CFR 668.46 LIBI completes and discloses the Campus Safety and Security Survey by October 1st of each year. In compliance with Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act and the Violence Against Women Act, LIBI reports (1) a statement of current campus policies regarding procedures for the reporting of criminal actions or other emer­gencies occurring on campus and LIBI’s response to these reports; (2) a statement of cur­rent policies concerning security and access to campus facilities, (3)a statement of current policies concerning state and local law enforcement agencies, and policies to promote the accurate and prompt reporting of all crimes to campus administration and appropriate law enforcement agencies; (4) a description of the type and frequency of programs designed to inform students and employees about campus security procedures and to encourage them to be responsible for their own security and the security of others; (5) a description of programs designed to inform students and employees about crime prevention; (6) a statement of policy concerning the monitoring and recording of criminal activity of off-campus student organi­zations which are recognized by the institution, (7) a statement of policy regarding the pos­session, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages, and the possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs; (8) a statement indicating where information about registered sex offenders may be obtained; and (9) a statement of policy on sexual assault prevention programs and procedures to be followed if a sexual offense has occurred. In the annual report LIBI also includes statistics on criminal offenses reported to the college administration or local police.

Under the HEA Sec. 485 (a)(1)(T); 34 CFR 668.49, LIBI reports statistics related to the fire safety and occurrences of fire on their campus, Including: (1) the number of fires and cause of each fire that occurs on campus; (2) the number of injuries related to a fire that resulted in treatment at a medical facility; (3) the number of deaths related to a fire; (4) the value of property damage caused by a fire; (5) a description of each on-campus housing fire safe­ty system; (6) the number of regular mandatory supervised fire drills; (7) the institution’s policies on portable electrical appliances, smoking and open flames; (8) the institution’s procedures for evacuation; (9) the institution’s policies on fire safety education and training programs for students, faculty, and staff; and (10) the institution’s plans for future improve­ments in fire safety.

LIBI’S Annual Campus Security Report 2018
The SAFE SIX: Workplace Readiness Essentials


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