Dear LIBI Community:


When and how we can all safely return to campus and resume on-campus activities depends on the status of the pandemic and the approach we, as an institution, implement to mitigate its effects. LIBI’s decisions will be informed by public health data and New York City’s reopening plan but tailored to our institution’s unique space considerations, foot-traffic density, departmental operations, and other considerations.


Guiding Principles:

LIBI will deploy a phased reopening of on-campus activities. All of our institutional decisions have been, and will continue, to be guided by prioritizing the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

Every decision we make is also predicated on our college mission and our commitment to ensuring that teaching and learning will continue at the highest levels of excellence.



LIBI’s focal goal is to deliver on our mission while protecting the health and safety of the members of the college community as well as the broader communities in which our campuses are located. In the immediate term leading up to the fall semester we aim to expand on-campus activities to essential services while minimizing both the number of people who come to campus and their physical proximity to each other within our facilities.


Our long-term goal is to return to providing LIBI’s students, faculty, staff, with a full range of rich experiences provided by in-person interactions.


Short-term Goals:

Re-open campuses on July 6, 2020 for ESSENTIAL functions only. Staff from key administrative departments will be permitted to resume staggered on-campus schedules.


What does this mean?

All educational activities will remain online for the summer semester starting July 24, 2020.

April and May semester-starts will remain online.


On July 6, 2020 a very limited number of staff members will begin staggered schedules at all three LIBI locations.


For more information and detailed safety plan as we re-open our brick-and-mortar operations, please check your LIBI e-mails and the college website.


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