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This section of LIBI’s website provides prospect and enrolled students with important information regarding: (1) the tuition and fees charged for completing the program within normal time; (2) the median loan debt incurred by students who completed the program. This section also contains important information regarding textbook information in accordance with Textbook Information HEA Sec. 133.

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The College Catalog also contains important information about the following:

  • LIBI has a clearly stated and published refund policy that includes the percentage amount of tuition, fees, and other assessments to be refunded after specified elapsed periods of time.
  • LIBI publishes program descriptions in the College Catalog. Each degree and certificate program is described in terms of program objectives, prerequisites, and requirements for completion.
  • LIBI publishes a general description of instructional, laboratory and other facilities directly related to academic instruction, in addition to general information describing the total physical campus plant in the College Catalog. Narrative and statistical information is also provided about library collections and facilities in the College Catalog. Hours of operation, including holiday and vacation schedules, are published in the College Catalog.
  • LIBI lists faculty in the College Catalog, with the highest degree held by the faculty member and the institution by which such degree was granted, full-time or part-time status, and department or major program area to which such member is assigned.
  • Admissions Requirements: LIBI admits students into programs offered by the college through an orderly process using published criteria uniformly applied to all those seeking admission. As part of the admissions process, LIBI takes into account both the capacity of the student to undertake a course of study and the capacity of the institution to provide the instructional and other support the student needs to complete the program. Consistent with its mission, LIBI serves students historically underrepresented in higher education and, although not an open admissions institution, makes extensive effort to give consideration to applicants who demonstrate their ability to benefit from the instruction provided by the college.
  • LIBI publishes the process and criteria for accepting transfer of credit from other institutions in the College Catalog. The policy includes a statement of the criteria established by LIBI regarding the transfer of credits earned at other institutions and provides the individuals at LIBI responsible for making determinations with respect to acceptance of transfer credits. The College Catalog also includes a listing of the institutions with which LIBI has established articulation agreements.
  • LIBI publishes the academic calendar in the College Catalog.
  • The Grading policies are published in the College Catalog and the Student Handbook.

The College Catalog is the official reference document containing approved curricula, programs, and courses which may be offered. All information is current as of the date of publication. It supersedes any other document with regard to rules and regulations. The College reserves the right to limit registration for courses, to discontinue courses for which there is insufficient enrollment, and to change times and/or instructor assignments. The College also reserves the right at any time to make appropriate changes in the policies and procedures contained in this publication including admission requirements, tuition, fees, academic standards, and certificate or degree conferral requirements, and to add, change, or cancel courses or programs, revise subject matter content, change requirements, modify, amend or revoke any rules or regulations, or make any changes it deems necessary. All students will be informed of changes by available catalog addendum. If a student chooses to discontinue enrollment by withdrawing or requesting a leave of absence, all required forms must be completed and signed with the Registrar.


All students are assigned to a specific academic-year catalog at matriculation. The catalog provides students with a complete set of requirements for graduation. In the event that curriculum is updated while the students are in school, these students will be given the opportunity to change to the more recent catalog -year assignment if they prefer to graduate under a newer set of curriculum requirements. Students may not change their catalog-year assignment to an earlier catalog. Students are highly encouraged to meet with the Provost (Flushing campus and Manhattan center) or Assistant Campus Director (Commack campus) to discuss the applicability of their original catalog-year assignment to the new curriculum before making the switch. Students who fail a course under the old curriculum will be assigned an appropriate equivalent in the new curriculum if the failed course is no longer offered. The grade of the new course will not replace the failed grade on the student’s transcript. However, for the purposes of Satisfactory Academic Progress and cumulative GPA requirement for graduation, the grade of the substitute course will be utilized.


The Long Island Business Institute (LIBI) is accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and Commissioner of Education. Contact information: New York State Education Department, Office of College and University Evaluation, 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234. Telephone number: (518) 474-1551

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